Weekly Radio Show Archives 2011, 2010

Dec 28 : 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

Jennifer visited Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Honduras two years ago, and had the fabulous opportunity to meet with a prominent archaeologist who has studied the Mayans. Tune in to find out about the Mayan calendar, and its mysterious "ending" in 2012. Are doom and gloom ahead of us, or are we looking at the dawn of a new era?

Dec 21 : Christmas is here!

It will be Christmas in just a few days, and everyone is scurrying around getting ready for the holiday. Join Jennifer as she talks about the REAL meaning of this holiday--or holy day, and what it means to the people on the Other Side.

Dec 7 : Holiday Stress!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year", as the song goes. So then why are so many people stressed out? For some, they are missing a loved one who has crossed over. For others, the problem is that they perceive loss of a different kind---like facing the holidays without having a love interest, or not having a baby or job. Tune in to this live broadcast and call in with your questions! We'll be looking at the Bah Humbug holiday stress situation from a spiritual perspective.

Nov 23 : The Rainbow Warriors

Thanksgiving is next week, and at this time of year we often think about the wisdom of the American Indians. The Indians believed that everything in life happened in a circle, which they called the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel was a form of protection. It also represented the circle of life. Tune in to learn more about this amazing group of people and their philosophy.

Nov 16 : The Medicine Wheel

Thanksgiving is next week, and at this time of year we often think about the wisdom of the American Indians. The Indians believed that everything in life happened in a circle, which they called the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel was a form of protection. It also represented the circle of life. Tune in to learn more about this amazing group of people and their philosophy.

Nov 9 : Native American Wisdom
(show starts at ~5:00 mins)

Thanksgiving is approaching, and gratitude is what the celebration is supposed to be all about. We live in such a land of plenty that it's easy to forget to say thanks. But gratitude was a daily part of life for American Indians. Their wisdom is as powerful today as it was centuries ago, perhaps even more so. We all lead such hectic lives that it's easy to forget this simple act of saying, "Thank you!" Join Jennifer as she shares her thoughts about the holiday

Oct 26 : The History of Halloween

This is the month when the veil that separates the living from the dead is supposed to get thinner. As a medium, I get to go to the other side of that veil all the time. Is there anything to the Halloween story? Learn the history of this holiday--or, "holy day"--on this Wednesday's show.

Oct 12 : Halloween is coming!

This is the month when the veil that separates the living from the dead is supposed to get thinner. As a medium, I always cross through that veil. Is there anything to the Halloween story? Learn the history of this holiday--or, "holy day"--on Wednesday's show.

Oct 5 : Aromatherapy Part 2!

Last week Jennifer talked about some of the benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oils are maore than pretty scents that can put a smile on our faces--they also have medicinal amd psychological benefits. Tune in to learn more about how aromatherapy can help you destress and be more healthy.

Sept 28 : Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy---New Age fad, or scientific reality? Walk into any natural food store, metaphysical type shop, or a store that sells home decorating items, and you'll find an array of scents and potions which will supposedly provide you with a benefit. They may calm you down, energize you, make you work more efficiently, or relieve symptoms of illness. Or so the labels claim! Is there anything to this? Our sense of smell is one of the most primal activities of the human body. Recent scientific research has uncovered some fascinating news about how this sense works, and why it may really help us destress and feel better. Tune in Wednesday to learn more!

Sept 21 : Psychic Kids

Many parents wonder if their children have pschic ability. Young children who have psychic experiences usually don't realize that anything unusual is going on, but teens tend to get freaked out. It can be a nerve-wracking experience for everyone involved! Kids have a lot of spiritual protection around them, so it makes sense that they would receive information from the Other Side. Tune in Wednesday to learn more.

Aug 31 : Seeing is Believing!

Vision is a valuable sense. It helps us appreciate the beauty of the natural world, navigate our way around, alert us to potential danger and lets us enjoy movies, TV, and art. But our sense of vision also can serve as a valuable tool in setting goals and making them happen. Listen Wednesday as Jennifer talks about how to use this sense to get out of a rut and make your dreams a reality.

Aug 24 : Let's Get Creative!

Many people think that creativity is a special gift that other people inherit. "I'm not the artsy type!" they moan. But is there really a type of person who can paint, draw, arrange flowers or play an instrument? Or are these skills really inside of us, just waiting to be nurtured and utilized? Tune in to learn more about making the connection to your creativity!

Aug 17 : The Gap

Spiritual teachers have been talking about something called the "gap" for thousands of years. Gap, void, the space in between, nothingness: these words all refer to the same thing, a space or place our minds can go to escape the pressures of daily life and to connect with a higher power. But how do you go into "nothingness"? What are the techniques? What are the benefits? Tune in Wednesday to find out!

Aug 10 : Create "The BOND" with special guest Lynne McTaggart

Why are people so competitive? Why does it seem that everyone is looking out for themselves? "Survival of the fittest", a term associated with Charles Darwin, seems to be the M.O. these days. With people losing their jobs and their homes in today's uncertain economy, competition is on the rise. And so is fear, illness, and stress. Join me as I interview trailblazing author Lynne McTaggart, whose latest book, "The Bond", shatters the myths so common in America that looking out for #1 is the way to go. McTaggart has interviewed some of the leading scientists in the field of biology, psychology, sociology and physics. What she has discovered is that an entirely new scientific story is emerging: that people are actually driven by the need to seek connections with other people, to give, to share and to be tolerant.

Aug 3 : More Planet Power!

Learn more about whats going on in the heavens this summer. Eclipses, Mercury retrograde, blue moons--there is quite a bit of planetary power taking place!

July 27 : Planet Power

There were 3 eclipses in June (and they're still affecting us!), a cardinal cross (what's that?) and Mercury is going retrograde. Yikes! Is it time to head for cover, or is it OK to relax and let the planets keep spinning? Find out on the show, and call in with your questions!

July 20 : Power Animals

Many ancient cultures believed that we have powerful animal spirits helping us. Is there any truth to this idea? Or is it just a myth? There are plenty of strange stories in this area! Tune in this week to find out. And have your questions ready--Jennifer will be taking calls!.

July 13 : The Green Connection

It's summertime, which means it's time to get outside and make the connection with all that's gloriously green and alive. Developing an appreciation for the natural world is also a terrific way to increase your intuition and creativity. Join science geek and psychic medium Jennifer as she talks about the restorative power of our mother, Mother Earth.

July 6 : Make the connection to your intuition.

Learn how to make the connection to YOUR intuition! Psychic ability is not a gift that just a few people enjoy.

June 29 : Making the Connection Debuts!

Welcome to the first episode of "Making the Connection" radio! Jennifer Hicks, a well-known psychic and medium, is taking her talent to the Blog Talk radio airwaves. This show will connect you to the brightest minds in the world, people who are respected authors, movers and shakers in the Mind/Body/Spirit fields, as well as the green movement. Because a balanced individual maintains a balanced relationship with the planet!

June 24 : Making the connection.

We humans are social animals, and we're curious too. Like monkeys, we need to have the company of others in our species. Our curiosity makes us want to connect to the world we see around us and the world we can't see, behind the veil. Tune in tonight to find out how you can make those connections.

June 17 : Coincidences. Synchronicity.

Everyone has experienced odd coincidences, situations that just make you stop in your tracks and wonder if someone "over there" is trying to tell you something. No matter how well developed your intuition is, the spirits will still send you those situations that make you go, "Hmmmm......"

June 10 : The Birds and the Bees

Remember collecting seashells and watching a spider build a web when you were a kid? How about playing outdoors for hours, something that you don't see a lot of kids doing these days. Tonight's topic is all about reconnecting with nature: why it's important for your mind, body and soul.

June 3 : Bikini season!

Are you ready? Got that body of yours whipped into shape? Here's just one more reason to work out: sages from the past believed that a physically fit body leads to a happier mindset and greater intuition. There's a reason the armed services makes you go through boot camp! Check it out on tonight's show.

May 27 : Common Threads

When you study the philosophies of ancient peoples, you start to notice ideas that they had in common, whether it was the Egyptians, the Mayans or the Chinese. The wisdom of these old cultures is amazingly relevant for those of us trying to navigate modern times. Tune in Friday to learn more!

May 20 : Wrongly accused!

How do you handle it when someone trumps up a story about you that isn't true? It isn't always easy being a spiritual person! Is it smart to turn the other cheek, or let the other party have it? Tune in Friday night to hear more!

May 13 : Is there a doctor in the house?

May 6 : What's up, doc?

April 22 : The Jesus Books.

Several years ago, 70 small books were found in a cave in Jordan, apparently untouched for centuries. One of them has a cover made of embossed metal. A man's face can be seen on this book, and he is wearing what looks like a crown of thorns. Do these date back to the time that Jesus walked the Earth as a mortal? And if so, what will we learn from them? Tune in Good Friday to learn more.

April 15 : Divination--what IS it?

Runes, geomancy, the I Ching, tarot cards, scrying: do these techniques work? Or are they superstitious absurdities from medieval times? Join the conversation this Friday!

April 8 : Feng Shui--fad, or the real deal?

There are always trends popping up in the Mind/Body/Spirit field, and sometimes it can be hard to discern a fad designed to sell books from a true principle that is useful and can really be of help to people. Listen on Friday as Jennifer talks about feng shui.

April 1: April Fools

The Dead People are full of surprises. Just because you're a psychic doesn't mean that you get all of the info all of the time. On the contrary! They hold back information sometimes, blindside you with things you weren't expecting and sometimes like to have good old fashioned fun. Here more this Friday.

March 25 : Ebb and flow

Events such as the horrific tsunami which hit Japan tend to make us reflect upon our existence. Why do things like this happen? Where is God at these moments of crisis, whether it's the 9/11 attacks or the earthquake in Haiti? Different spiritual philosophies take widely divergent views.

March 11 : Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of balance.

The ancient Egyptians celebrated and worshipped many deities, but the goddess who most intrigues me is Ma'at. Ma'at represented order, logic, the judicial system, and most important, balance. Staying balanced no matter what life throws at you was what she was all about! Tune in Friday to learn about her.

March 4 : Beware the ides of March, Julius Caesar!

Throughout history, there have been dates deemed to be lucky or unlucky. The same goes for charms, amulets, animals, symbols, people, and planetary activity. Superstition is still alive and well these days, despite advances in knowledge, especially in science! What gives? Where did many superstitious beliefs come from?

February 25 : You say you want a revolution!

So sang the Beatles back in the day, but revolution is in the air in many parts of the world right now. What happens when people rebel? Is it the will of God, karma, some kind of collective vibration for change that takes over?

February 11 : The greatest love of all.

Around this time of year, many people focus on romantic love. But what about self-love? Why is it so hard to love and accept ourselves? Tune in to learn some time-tested self-love techniques.

February 4: Unconditional Love

Tonight's guest is Caroline A. Shearer, metaphysical author. Caroline is releasing a new book this month entitled Love Like God, which is an anthology of uplifting stories from a number of well-known people. Jennifer is one of them!

January 28: Lucky 13. Or is it a bad thing?

Tonight Jennifer talks about the buzz surrounding the 13th sign of the zodiac controversy. Are you still a Libra, or are you now a Virgo? What the heck is going on? Find out if you need to run for cover!

January 21: It's a numbers game.

Numbers frequently show up when your intuition is developed, but the meaning can be tough to decipher. Is the number an upcoming date of the month? A street address? A significant date from the past, such as a birthday or a wedding anniversary? Learn how to crack the code on tonight's show.

January 14: The greatest love of all.

Around this time of year, many people focus on romantic love. But what about self-love? Why is it so hard for us to love and accept ourselves? Tune in to learn some time-tested self-love techniques.


December 17: Watch the lunar eclipse on Monday night!

There is a full moon, or lunar, eclipse, viewable in the United States in the wee hours of December 20th or 21st, depending upon your time zone. This week Jennifer will be talking about the ramifications of this particular eclipse: is it a hell-raiser, or a warm and fuzzy astrological event? Tune in Friday to find out.

December 10: Oh, snap! *As in gingersnaps

Ginger has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Scientists in the West are just starting to research this amazing plant to see if ginger folk remedies really work. Sometimes, our intuition tells us to reach for a certain food, which may be just what the doctor on the Other Side has ordered. Jennifer will be talking about tuning in to your intuition to receive valuable health information from beyond.

December 3: The art of doing nothing at this time of year.

Holiday stress is building. Americans seem to have developed their very own kind of stress, which people in other countries simply don't experience. The book *Eat, Pray, Love *by Elizabeth Gilbert is not only a best seller, it contains nuggets of advice. How to slow down and savor life, how to take create beauty from the ordinary. Take some time to slow down from the holiday hysteria and learn about "the art of doing nothing."

October 29: Happy Halloween!

Or is it? Halloween has turned into party time here in the US, but back in the day people were petrified of evil spirits showing up on their doorsteps around this time of year. Does that really happen? And can evil be sent our way?

October 22: Jennifer's show!

Tune in to listen as Jennifer describes the extraordinary life events that led her to becoming a police psychic. She will also be interviewing a woman with her own set of extraordinary experiences, Melissa Watts. Melissa is a hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regression. Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, Melissa met her own spirit guide and discovered some of her past lives in hypnotherapy sessions with internationally known therapist Paul Aurand. She has chronicled her unusual experiences in her newly released book, Lessons of Many Lives. She has practices in both New York and South Carolina; learn more at her website: www.ephcenter.com.

October 15: More metaphysical mythbusting!

There is no shortage of snappy New Age statements out there. The question is: do they hold water? Are they bunk, or are they believable? Tune in Friday to find out.

October 1: Metaphysical mythbusting, continued!!

Is the journey more important than the destination? Can you manifest your way into perfect health, a new job, or a slimmer, trimmer body? There are a lot of provocative New Age ideas out there--but do they really work? Tune in to find out what Jennifer has to say about this topic.

September 24: Metaphysical mythbusting!

There is no shortage of New Age concepts out there: the law of attraction, manifesting, soul mates and soul contracts, "do what you love and the money will come". But do they really work? Tune in Friday to hear Jennifer's take on some of these ideas.

September 17: Emptiness. The void.

While many cultures celebrate sacred places such as mountaintops or waterfalls, other cultures place great value on "empty " places. Sounds strange, doesn't it? The "no-spaces" of this planet provide us with an interesting paradox. Listen on Friday to learn more.

September 10: Sacred Places.

All over the world, there are places deemed to be sacred. Places where there are mysterious forces of energy at work, or sites where there is believed to be plenty of spirit activity. Is there anything to this? Does visiting a sacred site increase your awareness? Listen in on Friday as Jennifer discusses this interesting topic.

September 3: Happy Anniversary!

It's the one year anniversary of Jennifer's show. It's been a fun ride, and the next year should be even better. Jennifer will be talking about her predictions for the world in general: the economy, the United States, politics, religion. Call in with any thoughts you would like to share. Do you have any topics that you would like to hear on the air over the next year? Call in or e-mail your ideas to Jennifer.

August 27: I want justice!, Part Two

As a psychic and a medium, Jennifer gets lots of questions about legal matters. Do I need to get a lawyer? Will this situation work out on its own? Can I manifest a favorable outcome to this situation? What should I do?

August 20: I want justice!

People of a spiritual nature often have a tough time when it comes to dealing with matters that are unfair. "Why am I dealing with this problem? I'm a good person! How is it that unethical people are allowed to get away with things?". And most important: "Why isn't the Other Side helping me with this unfair situation?". There may be more help and justice than you realize. Tune in Friday to hear more.

August 6: Pets, Part Two!

Tonight Jennifer continues her discussion about the fuzzy little four-leggeds who make spirit contact with us from the Other Side. As usual, it's never dull when you can communicate with the dead--especially when they are animals!

July 31: Furry and four-legged.

Lots of people want to know what happens to our pets when they die. Do they have spirits? Are they able to communicate with us? Do they look out for us? Who looks out for them on the Other Side? Talking to dead animals is never a dull experience.

July 23: The language of the Dead People.

The Other Side has an interesting--and often confusing--way of presenting material to us mortal folks. It can be tough even for a medium to figure out what the dead people are trying to say. What is important to them? Why do they present information the way they do? Tune in Friday to find out.

July 16: The eclipses are here!

There have recently been some eclipses, and they are affecting everyone of all signs. Eclipses are known for bringing in powerful changes. Tune in this week to find out what the eclipses have in store for you.

July 9: It's a matter of trust.

We all have intuitive experiences, whether they occur while we're awake, or when we're asleep. But how do you know that you can TRUST the information you receive? How do you get your ego,logical mind, and emotions out of the way? It's not easy--but there are techniques you can learn.

July 2: The nose knows.

The practice of aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. Scent can have a profound effect on our moods and emotions, even our productivity. People even smell things on the psychic level! Can perfumes or essential oils transport us to another, more metaphysical level?

June 25: The Wisdom of Lao Tzu.

Last week Jennifer talked about the Tao Te Ching, the ancient Chinese manuscript which provides a blueprint for living a healthy, ethical and fulfilling life. It's a very different viewpoint than Western philosophy. Tune in Friday to learn more!

June 18: Follow the Path

Over 2000 years ago, legend has it that an elderly Chinese philosopher set out for the western border of China, leaving society behind. He was saddened that people were not on the right path--the path to good health, good living, prosperity and ethics. The man's name was Lao Tzu, and his ideas can be found in one of the most famous books of all time: the Tao Te Ching.

June 11: When bad things happen to good people.

Many people, especially those on a spiritual path, get upset and confused when faced with obstacles, problems, and tragedies. Where are the Dead People when we're in a jam? Why aren't they helping us? Don't they hear our prayers? If they can communicate with us or see us, why don't they help us? Jennifer will discuss her observations on this topic.

June 4: Planets in Retrograde

What is this all about? How and why do planets go retrograde? What does it mean?

May 14: Shocking News: Uranus Moves into Aries in late May!

Uranus is the planet of surprise,rebellion, shock, independence, breakthroughs. This is the planet that catches you off guard and sends major, new changes in your direction. It is entering Aries for the first time since the 1930's. Tune in Friday to find out what this means for your birth sign.

May 7: Angels and Demons.

Last week, Jennifer talked about the saints, angels and guides who may be around us. Are there also "psychic vampires", or negative entities? If someone was a toxic person while they were on this plane, and now they are on the Other Side, can they harm us? Join the discussion on Friday.

April 30: Angels, Guides and Saints—Are They Around Us?

Jennifer is frequently asked that question. After all, why should we assume that if we feel a presence around us, that it is a deceased love one? Are there any other heavenly entities trying to show us the way? Listen in this week to find out.

April 23: Repeat show, The Mayan Calendar and 2012! What is going to happen in December 2012?

There is a lot of hoopla about the Mayan calendar "ending" at that time. What is all the fuss about? Jennifer is just back from a trip to Honduras and Guatemala, where she visited ancient Mayan cities and had the opportunity to meet with a leading archaeologist who has been studying the Mayan sites for over 30 years. Tune in Friday night to hear what she learned on her travels. As usual, never a dull moment!

April 16: The Ghosts of Wellington

A hundred years ago, in a remote snow-covered area of Washington State, a devastating avalanche swept down the side of a mountain, killing 94 people in what was the worst disaster of its kind in American history. Today, people who hike through the woods where the railroad tracks once were have witnessed strange experiences: whispered voices, shadowy shapes. Are the ghosts of the avalanche haunting the woods? Join Jennifer as she talks with ghost hunter and author Karen Frazier about this strange phenomenon.

April 9: In the Beginning, There Was The Word.

Many religious and spiritual practices talk about the power of "the word". How we use our words is incredibly powerful. People gossip, complain, teach, pray, slander, question, encourage, spread lies, and spread love--all with the written or spoken word.

April 2: Go With "The Flow"

The flow has been described as a state of mind in which time seems to disappear, distractions don't bother you, and you focus on the project at hand with intensity and ease. How do we reach that state? How do we know when we're in the flow?

March 26: Talent—Who Has is and Why?

Up until recently, many people have viewed skill and talent as some kind of genetic gift, something that we're born with, if we're lucky. The latest research indicates quite the opposite! People who appear to be "gifted" may be just like everyone else--but they are using their brains differently. Listen on Friday as Jennifer talks about this intriguing topic.

March 19: Do Rocks Really Rock?

Do stones and crystals have power? Can they help us de-stress, or heal an illness, or help us magnify our thoughts when we meditate? After all, crystals were the original radio wave receivers, and they are still used today in watches and other pieces of equipment. Tune in Friday to learn more!

March 12: Harmonics: Heavenly Sounds

Scientists and metaphysicians alike have been paying a lot of attention recently to the area known as harmonics. Can sound heal? Can chanting open your channels to receive information from your higher self? Why does music of all kinds have such an extraordinary effect on us? Tune in this week to find out!

March 5: Sacred Geometry. What is it?

Are there certain shapes, like ovals and rectangles and triangles, which have special meanings? DNA, pine cones, sunflower seeds, nautilus shells and the Milky Way galaxy are all in the shape of a spiral. Do these shapes that we so often see in nature have any spiritual significance? Many people think so.

February 26: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Egyptian Book of the Dead has mystified people for centuries. On the surface, it appears to be a book of rituals that a deceased person goes through as they enter the "underworld". But is there more to it than that? Could it be a book about metaphysical practices instead?

February 19: Who are the Freemasons? And Why Are They So Controversial?

George Washington was a member, as were quite a few Presidents. Masonic symbols appear on U.S. currency. What are the spiritual beliefs of the Freemasons? Maybe George himself will come through from the Other Side. We can only hope!

February 12: What's Love Got to do with It?

What does the Other Side think about our "significant others"? Do they see us fighting and kissing and making up with our spouses and boyfriends and girlfriends? When we cross over, do we end up spending time with our lovers? And if so, which ones? The Dead People are a pretty chatty group and they do talk about these things.

February 5: Love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and while we humans celebrate love on this day, the spirits on the Other Side send us love 365 days a year. It's just not always apparent! Why do we feel spirits around us at times, and then we don't? Why can't we see them or hear from them more often? Don't they care? Can't they see what we're going through and that we could use a hug? We'll be answering these questions and taking your calls on Friday's show.

January 29: "Ye Are All Gods"

Were people in ancient times more advanced metaphysically than people are today? Did "gods" once walk the Earth---who then evolved into mere mortals? Will 2012 usher in a new period of enlightenment? Will the "gods" return? Tune in to hear what Jennifer has to say about these issues. Call in during the broadcast with your questions.

January 22: 2012 — Doomsday, or A New Beginning?

Join Jennifer as she talks about her recent trip to central America, where she visited Mayan ruins and had the chance to talk to experts about the ancient Mayan civilization. The archaeologists say that there is no evidence that there will be an apocalyptal event in 2012. Is it possible that something POSITIVE might happen? Tune in, and call in with your questions!

January 15: The Mayan Calendar and 2012! What is going to happen in December 2012?

There is a lot of hoopla about the Mayan calendar "ending" at that time. What is all the fuss about? Jennifer is just back from a trip to Honduras and Guatemala, where she visited ancient Mayan cities and had the opportunity to meet with a leading archaeologist who has been studying the Mayan sites for over 30 years. Tune in Friday night to hear what she learned on her travels. As usual, never a dull moment!

January 8: What do you want in your life this year?

More happiness, a new job, better health, more romance? Tonight Jennifer will be talking about making things happen. Should you manifest? Should you pray for help? Should you leave it up to fate? What does the Other Side think about all of this goal-setting business? Call in with your questions and comments.

January 1: Repeat, This Year's Resolution

Start meditating! Today begins the New Year, and tonight's show is all about learning how to meditate. Meditation is a wonderful tool for developing your psychic awareness, reducing stress, falling asleep, and it may even be helpful in boosting your immune system. Start the New Year off right with a beneficial new habit! This is a rebroadcast.


December 25: What is My Astrological Forecast for 2010?

Saturn changed signs on October 29th, going into Libra for the first time in 29 years. It will be in this part for all of 2010 and most of 2011.Tune in to tonight's broadcast to hear what Saturn will stir up for you in 2010! This is a rebroadcast.

December 18: Manifesting— Is it Bunk or Believable?

In addition to the holiday shenanigans, many people begin putting together their resolutions or plans for the New Year in December. And in the New Age movement there is a lot of talk about manifesting. Is this metaphysical psychobabble, or is there really something to it? When it comes down to making changes in your life and achieving your goals, what is left up to destiny or fate, and what are you responsible for? Jennifer will be talking about this topic tonight.

December 11: Am I getting an engagement ring for Christmas?

This is a question many psychics are asked around this time of year. Why do women feel so much pressure to have a boyfriend or a fiance at the holidays? Tonight's guest is Rhonda Findling, psychotherapist and author of the book, Don't Call That Man! Jennifer and Rhonda will be talking about some of the crazy things we women do when it comes to the male sex. You guys out there are allowed to listen, as long as you behave. Rhonda also debuts her new show, "Help Me Rhonda", this month on Contact Talk Radio.

December 4: Home for the Holidays.

The holiday season is upon us, and many people feel loss and disappointment more keenly at this time of year. Whether a loved one passed and this is your first Christmas without them, or if you are unhappy because 2009 didn't bring you some of the good things you want in life, the stress can start to build in December. Join Jennifer as she talks about what the Other Side has to say about this topic, and what you can do to relax and feel joy!

November 20: The Medicine Wheel

To many native American cultures, the circle was a sacred symbol. It represented the circle of life, the four directions, and an invisible shield of protection. The circle, or medicine wheel, was depicted in Indian pottery, weavings, and jewelry. There are also ancient wheels which were created outdoors, where the Indians placed large stones in the soil. These circles can still be seen today. Join Jennifer Friday night as she talks about the meaning of this powerful symbol.

November 13: Black Elk Speaks

The great Sioux holy man was revered for his words of wisdom, as were so many other native Americans: Luther Standing Bear, Red Cloud, Chief Seattle, Sitting Bull. The original inhabitants of this continent had a view toward God, Mother Earth, the spirits, the afterlife, and healing that was very different than those of the white settlers, and indeed those of our modern culture. November's shows are dedicated to the knowledge which we are fortunate to have gained from the native Americans.

November 06: The Hopi Prophecy of the "Rainbow Warriors"

November is a month here in the United States when we give thanks for our many blessings. The American Indians, the descendents of the people who welcomed the early settlers to this country, have a very different view of gratitude than most people in Western civilization. Their culture is rich in legend and appreciation. Tonight Jennifer will be talking about the Hopi prophecy of the "Rainbow Warriors", a group of people who, it was said, would rise up one day to protect the Earth from environmental destruction. It's a fascinating concept! The month of November will be dedicated to the wisdom and the grace of the native Americans.

October 30: I see dead people—LOTS of them!

Tomorrow night is Halloween, the night of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is supposed to be thinner. This broadcast will be dedicated to our loved ones on the Other Side. There is a reason this show is called "Speaking to Spirits"—that's what we're going to do tonight! As far as I'm concerned, every night of the year is Halloween, but who knows—maybe the spirits will be more active this evening. Call in with your questions and requests.

October 23: The History of Halloween

History of Halloween. Halloween has become a fun and wacky holiday for children---and adults!---but back in the day, this was a sacred time. The spirits of the deceased were honored by many cultures. The Celts believed that the spirits of the dead roamed freely among us on Halloween night, and Christians remembered their loved ones on All Souls' Day, November 1st. Tonight's show will focus on the traditions, the myths, and the strange realities of this mysterious holiday--or, holy day

October 16: Rock the Chakras!

What are those things called chakras? Do they really exist? What do they do? Do they help to develop your psychic abil ity? Tune in Friday night as Jennifer discusses the history and philosophy behind chakras, and how she uses them as a tool for meditation. Call in with your comments and questions during the show!

October 9: BIG NEWS! Saturn changes signs.

The ringed planet, Saturn, will be moving from Virgo to Libra at the end of October. Saturn has not been in this part of the sky in thirty years. This will affect everyone of all signs. Tune in Friday night to hear what to expect for your astrological sign. Jennifer will also be taking your calls during thr broadcast.

October 2: Letting go is hard to do!

Meditation is one of the keys to developing your own psychic channels, but quieting your mind can be a challenge. Tonight Jennifer will explain how to let go of the thoughts churning in your head, so that you can meditate effectively. Meditation also provides the body, mind and spirit with other benefits. There are many techniques you can choose from, but the end result is greater peace of mind and a stronger channel through which information can flow. Call in with your questions during the broadcast.

September 25: Everyone is psychic.

No, you’re not going crazy. The gut feeling you had last week, which turned out to be correct, wasn’t a freak incident. The spirit world is trying to communicate with everyone. However, we live in a society which teaches us that episodes like this are not real, or even worse—you’re losing your mind! Learn how to be more receptive to the messages that the Other Side is sending to you.

September 18: How Jennifer receives information from the Other Side

Tonight Jennifer will be talking about how she receives information from the Other Side: the methods, symbols and language the spirits use to communicate. Do dead people speak the King’s English? Heck, no. That would be too easy! It is a convoluted game of “Charades” which often can be difficult to decipher. A psychic will simultaneously be receiving mental images, hearing snippets of sentences, feeling pain or physical sensations in their body, and sometimes even smelling aromas or tasting something. A medium often has to contend with three dead people showing up at once, all talking over each other and trying to push the others out of the way. Most people have had moments in which they have received psychic information, but are reluctant to believe that it was the real deal. Call in with your questions regarding the “language” of the Other Side during the broadcast.

September 11: WHAT is she going to say today?

That's what I think every morning as I eagerly click on to www.bridgettwalther.com for my daily horoscope, along with 50,000 other people. Astrologer Bridgett Walther, formerly known as “Astro Abby”, is known around the world for her sassy, erudite, right-on-target and often hilarious daily and monthly forecasts. She is also the author of a new book entitled Conquer the Cosmos, scheduled to be released in February 2010. Her story is a deeply moving one. Listen to Bridgett as she explains how some very somber, life-changing events led her to a successful career in astrology. Sometimes life's toughest lessons are, as Bridgett points out, the keys that unlock doors for us.

September 4
: This is the premiere of Jennifer's show!

Tune in to listen as Jennifer describes the extraordinary life events that led her to becoming a police psychic. Jennifer interviews a woman with her own set of extraordinary experiences, Melissa Watts. Melissa is a hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regression. Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, Melissa met her own spirit guide and discovered some of her past lives in hypnotherapy sessions with internationally known therapist Paul Aurand. She has chronicled her unusual experiences in her newly released book, Lessons of Many Lives.

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