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Jennifer is a medium, which means that she can connect with deceased loved ones, even pets! She is also psychic, which means that she can pick up on events and situations that are around you now, in the future, and also in the past.

Her special ability to make both of these kinds of connections is unique. Jennifer can tap into your energy without needing to be in the same room with you. Nor does she need to hold an object of yours, or look at photographs. All of her readings are done over the phone (with the exception of live events---see the Calendar of Events page). She does not do readings via e-mail. Readings are an hour in length, which is usually sufficient for the client to have their questions answered. Longer readings may also be scheduled.

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Be sure to state the country and time zone in which you live. Also include what time of day works best for you. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your time preference; however, because of time zone issues and other commitments that she has, it helps to be flexible! If you live in the continental United States, Jennifer will phone you at the appointed time, so a phone number is necessary. It is recommended that you do not use a cell phone during the reading to prevent the call from being dropped. If you live outside the United States, you will be given a phone number to call at the appointed time.

A tape recording of the reading is not provided, but you are welcome to tape it if you wish. The best way to do this is via speakerphone. If you don’t have speakerphone but have an extension to your landline, you can put a tape recorder near the extension phone and speak to Jennifer on the other phone.


Should I make a list of questions before the reading?

Yes! It is highly recommended that you prepare a list of questions or concerns that you have before the reading takes place. Take time to do this well in advance of the reading, so that you don’t forget something important.

Do I ask Jennifer the questions when we get on the phone?

No! In order for you to get a quality psychic reading from anyone, you should not feed the person any information! Jennifer will begin the reading by telling you what she is picking up around you. Most of your questions should be answered in this manner. If you have questions that are still left unanswered, Jennifer will give you time to ask them, but she does not want you to elaborate. Keep the question brief and do not provide details.

Will I hear from the dead relatives who mean the most to me?

That can not be guaranteed. Being a medium does not mean that you can direct dial a particular person on the Other Side. You may wish to hear from your dead grandmother, but your cousin may come through instead.

Why does that happen?

Jennifer believes that at any given time in our lives, we have different spirits around us, helping and guiding us. You may wish to hear from a particular person, but another individual may be around you with a specific message they want you to receive. Some spirits are also better communicators than others. Furthermore, people may come through whom you never met. Just because your grandfather passed before you were born does not mean that he is not around you in spirit. Also, friends of the family, old neighbors, and your schoolteachers from grade school may be around you!

Will my deceased relatives tell me how to handle a problem I’m faced with?

Most of the time, spirits of loved ones come through with messages of love and confirmation that it’s really them. For instance, your deceased father may indicate that he died of a stroke when he was in his 50’s, and that when he was alive he was an engineer. He may also provide an important date, such as his birth date or the date of his death. But just because someone is dead does not mean that they have all of the answers. They may provide you with guidance concerning an important issue, but not always. We are on this planet to learn, and often we have to rely on our own judgment.

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